Bus Borispol - Chelm

The site E-Vokzal has the current bus schedule from Borispol to Chelm In 2023 the year from the stops: Borispol gas station Wog from Borispol to Chelm that arrive at the stops: Chelm Dw. Autob. from Borispol to Chelm . Bus departure times from 09:10. Average travel time: 11 h 50 min. Carriers serving the bus route Borispol - Chelm: KANTOL BUSTREVEL TOV.

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Borispol - Chelm

Trip: 20 Poltava AS-1-Bydgoszcz Dw. Autob.
Carrier: KANTOL Anatolii Kantor / KANTOL BUSTREVEL TOV
Borispol gas station Wog, WOG gas station 34 km of the highway Kiev-Kharkov
Chelm Dw. Autob., Lwowska, 20
travel time:
11 h 50 min
free places: 55
Price: 1350.00 UAH

Buses from the city Borispol

Bus Borispol - Chelm

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about bus routes Borispol - Chelm

💰 How much does the Borispol - Chelm bus cost?

Average bus fare 1350.00 UAH per person.

🚍 What stops do the buses leave from?

Buses Borispol - Chelm depart from Borispol gas station Wog.

🏨 What stops do flights arrive at?

Buses from Borispol to Chelm arrive at stops: Chelm Dw. Autob..

👩‍👧‍👧 What are the discounts for bus tickets?

Ticket discounts are described separately for each flight.

⏳ How long is the bus trip Borispol - Chelm?

Average bus travel time: 11 h 50 min

🕑 When do the buses depart Borispol - Chelm?

Bus departure times from from 09:10

🤷️ How to buy a Borispol - Chelm bus ticket or book a seat?

You can buy Borispol - Chelm bus tickets online. You can reserve a seat on the bus by calling 063 444 2 888.

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