To agents

We invite to cooperation transport companies and travel agencies

Using the service, you can:

  • Carrier: publish your bus schedules for free, and, if you wish, start online ticket sales.
  • To a travel agency: receive additional profit from the sale of tickets and rental orders. Hire buses, vans and minivans at SPECIAL rates.
Сотрудничество для продажи

To carrier:

Running sales online, you can solve the following problems:

Increase sales

Using our service, partners sell up to 20 tickets for each flight daily.

Reduce cash management costs

Instead of organizing an additional point of sale of tickets, sell tickets at any time of the day for any user on the Internet.

Conduct remote administration

Manage prices, ticket locations, flight cancellations from your computer or tablet.

Manage passenger flow

Turn on and off sales for the entire company or for individual flights when you need it.

Analyze and view reports

Download reports with full information on tickets sold.


Running sales online, you can solve the following problems:

Revenue from sales of additional services

You get % of sales of additional services on our website (informing, insurance, etc.)

Personal account and personal manager

Sales analytics in your account and resolving issues through a personal manager

Referral program

Install the widget and get rewards

Financial transparency

Real-time sales and payout information

Convenient secure cashier interface

For work, a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet is enough.

How to start a collaboration?